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Sue's Pasta Dough

   Single                                                                Double

   ¾ cups                     sweet rice flour            1 ½ cups

   ¼ cup                       tapioca starch               ½ cup     

   ½ tsp                        guar gum                       1 tsp       

    pinch                        salt                                  ¼ tsp      

    2                               eggs                                 4


Cut into small pieces, hand roll into oblong shapes and run through a pasta machine.  If you don’t have a pasta machine, roll the shapes as thin as you can that you can still pick up, and cut to desired size.  Best not to make the pasta too thin.  Use to compile a lasagna, or cut into noodles.  Use a pasta drying rack, or a large cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to keep the noodles from sticking together.  No need to boil pasta for lasagna, but if making noodles, boil for just a few minutes until the noodles rise and are somewhat firm, drain and serve.  Pasta can be frozen from raw and placed in boiling water for a few minutes to cook.

Add dry ingredients in large bowl and mix.  Make a well in the centre and add eggs, one at a time, mixing with a fork after each one. 


Turn dough out onto floured table (use sweet rice flour), knead till even consistency, add flour, or a small amount of water as necessary.  Cover and let dough rest for at least 10 minutes. 

Sue's Gnocchi Dough

                            2 cups                   riced boiled russet potato

                     ¼ cup                    sweet rice flour

                     2 tbsp                    potato starch

                     2 tbsp                    corn starch

                     ¼ tsp                     salt

                     2                            egg yolks


              300g medium russet potato equals about 2 cups                boiled and riced or mashed

Blend dry ingredients.

Place cooled mashed or riced potato in bowl, add egg yolks, blend with hand mixer.  Add dry ingredients and mix till well blended.  Turn out onto board floured with sweet rice flour.  Knead, adding a small amount of flour if necessary.  Cut into 8 portions.  Roll each portion into a snake and cut into small pieces (about 2 cm).  Roll each small portion on the back of a fork or gnocchi board to create ridges.  Add pieces to boiling water and let boil about 2 minutes until pieces float to the top and puff up slightly.  Remove and eat, or cool and freeze.

Pieces can also be frozen without being boiled.  Frozen pieces can then be boiled for about 4 minutes.

Sue's Perogies

          Single                                                                   Double

          ½ cup                       sweet rice flour                  1 cup

          ½ cup                       tapioca starch                    1 cup

          ¼ cup                       white rice flour                   ½ cup

          ¼ cup                       brown rice flour                  ½ cup

          1 ½ tsp                     guar gum                            1 tbsp

          ½ tsp                        salt                                       1 tsp

          ¼ cup                       milk                                      ½ cup

          ¼ cup                       cream                                   ½ cup     

          ¼ cup                       egg whites                           ½ cup

Place dry ingredients in mixer and add liquid. Mix till well incorporated. Pull dough out onto floured table, knead till even consistency, add oil and/or flour as necessary. Cut into small pieces, roll out small pieces and cut into rounds, stack with wax paper between.


Place small amount of filling in centre of dough round. Using brush or finger wipe a small amount of water around edge of round and fold over. Crimp with a fork. Place in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, until perogies float. Perogies can be eaten hot or place on tray with parchment paper to drain. Once dry perogies can be frozen or fry in butter to eat.


Filling – mashed potato, grated strong cheese, small pieces of cooked bacon     

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