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Gluten Free Baking Comes to TV!

Sue Jennett hosts a baking program on YourTV through Cogeco Cable that will not only give you amazing Gluten Free recipes, but will also show you how to work with the recipes to get professional results.  Sue operated a Gluten Free Bakery for 10 years in Kingston, Ontario and brings her expertise, charm and enthusiasm directly to you.  Segments from Sue's Gluten Free Baking @ Home are available on Youtube at this link.

Also, check the links on the recipe pages, and follow us on Facebook at Sue's Gluten Free Baking at Home.   

Sue writes a blog about life experiences being gluten free, and includes lots of great diet and lifestyle advice.  The blog "How to Be Gluten Free" can be found at the following link.


Sue understands the unique challenges of baking gluten free.  Customers would often ask to purchase pizza or pastry dough.  Sue would always refuse, explaining that without the direction of how to work with it, the dough would cause lots of frustration.

Maybe you've tried to bake gluten free for yourself or someone special.  Sue's recipes, tips and techniques will help you bake gluten free that you will be proud of!

Sue has a Podcast!

You can listen on iTunes, Google Music Play, or at the podcast website . Please subscribe and give us a comment or review.  You'll be treated to lots of interesting interviews with knowledgeable people about celiac disease and the gluten free diet. 

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